Guidelines for Derivative Works

1. Introduction

MEGALIGHT Inc. (hereafter, “the Company”) has created these Guidelines so that more of you can enjoy trouble-free access to the content provided by the Company in various formats.
Provided that you abide by these Guidelines, there is no need to contact us specifically about Derivative Works based on the Company’s content.

2. What these Guidelines cover

These Guidelines apply to Derivative Works that are based on official characters, images, videos and musical compositions (hereafter referred to as “the Content”) to which the Company holds the exclusive copyright.
In these Guidelines, “Derivative Works” are works based on the Content that you have made using your own creativity and ideas. You should note that unaltered use of the Content, or any work so lacking in creativity that it may be considered equivalent to unaltered use of the Content, is not a Derivative Work covered by these Guidelines and shall be deemed to infringe the Company’s copyright.
The Company shall not assert its rights in respect of users’ works that adhere to these Guidelines and thus qualify as Derivative Works.

3. Terms and conditions of use

Please adhere to the following rules when creating Derivative Works.

  • Respect our talents’ feelings by refraining from creating any works that could cause them distress.
  • Use the Content only for fan works and personal enjoyment. Works for commercial purposes or corporate use are prohibited.
  • Abide by all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations, platform policies and other rules.

Refrain from creating works including any form of expression that

  • purports to be the Company’s official social media account or that could cause misunderstandings about this account or be mistaken for content from it.
  • is against public order and decency or is for the purposes of organized crime.
  • expresses a specific ideology, creed, religion or political opinion.
  • seriously damages our talents, the Company or its Content.
  • damages the reputation or character of third parties or infringes the rights of such parties.
  • is, in the Company’s judgment, inappropriate for any other reason.

4. Other important information

  • These Guidelines are subject to change without notice. You should always consult the latest version of these Guidelines when creating Derivative Works. Please be aware that the Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage resulting from revisions to these Guidelines.
  • Please enjoy creating Derivative Works responsibly.
  • Regardless of the provisions of these Guidelines, the Company may, should it deem necessary to do so, require users to cease using the Content.
  • The provisions of Japanese law shall govern the use of the Content to create Derivative Works.
  • It is agreed that, in the event of a dispute between you and the Company concerning Derivative Works based on the Content, the court of first instance shall be Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court.

Created on June 28, 2021